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In the Archivportal-D the State Main Archive of Saxony-Anhalt is present with the entirety of its online usable indexing information. It thus uses the national archive portal as a second mainstay alongside its own online research at Currently, more than 675,000 data records are searchable, including all inventory data records.

In addition, selected parts of the collection can be used directly via digitised material. Currently, about 400,000 digitised copies of more than 12,500 archival records from 48 holdings are also available via the Archivportal-D. The representative cross-section mainly comprises fully digitised records, but also copies and official books, maps and plans as well as photographs.


Landeshauptarchiv Sachsen-Anhalt

Prisoners of war at the rabbit slaughter in the Leuna factories, January 1917 (LHASA, MER, I 525, FS No. G 32)

The territorial diversity of Saxony-Anhalt's historical landscape and the closely related archive history are reflected in the location structure of the State Main Archive of Saxony-Anhalt (, which currently manages about 48,800 linear metres of archive material. The Magdeburg department goes back to the Provincial Archive of the Prussian province of Saxony, which was founded in 1823 and later became the State Archive, State Archive or Main Archive of Magdeburg. At the Wernigerode location the archives of the nobility determine the profile. Since 1993, the Merseburg department has been historically linked to the Prussian administrative district of Merseburg and also archives the tradition of the GDR district of Halle, including party and economic traditions. The Dessau Department continues the tradition of the State Archives of the small state of Anhalt, which was located in Zerbst until the destruction of the war and then in Oranienbaum until 2002.

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