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The archive network of Bautzen consists of the city archive and the state branch archive. The town archive contains the records of the town administration from the 13th century to the present day as well as various documents of the incorporated villages, from associations or from legatees. The State Branch Archive is the regional archive of Upper Lusatia. The tradition begins in 1319, but, due to losses in the Thirty Years' War, does not begin extensively until the middle of the 17th century and ends in 1945 and 1952 respectively with the reorganisation of responsibilities in administration and justice. While the town archive is characterised by an extensive collection of documents from the period 1256 to 1902, the state branch archive has a particularly important record of the Upper Lusatian estates and numerous manor archives.

Archivverbund Bautzen

Since 2001, both archives have been housed together in a historical building complex in the middle of Bautzen's old town and share the public areas. It is a great advantage that the municipal library with its extensive historical book stock is also located in the building, so that one can speak of a centre for researching the history of the city of Bautzen and Upper Lusatia, which is also used intensively by interested parties.

The public relations work of the archive network includes a lecture series with monthly changing lectures as well as the publication of a series of publications in which research on urban history is presented.

The City Archive has recently been represented with the holdings overview and selected holdings in the Archivportal-D and will continuously expand this presence. For online research in the State Branch Archive, the homepage of the Saxon State Archive at can be used. In the medium term, it is planned to integrate these holdings into the Archivportal-D as well.

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