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By Margarethe Kees

The Women's Archive Saar contains materials, press articles, original documents such as posters, flyers and buttons, but also audio and film documents on the history of women's (movements) in Saarland and on women's political issues in Saarland in the recent past (from the 1970s) and the present.

Frauengenderbibliothek Saar
Frauengenderbibliothek Saar

Here, materials, press articles, original documents such as posters, flyers and buttons, but also sound and film documents are stored and made available for use. The largely complete issues of the Saarland women's magazines Charme, Lila Distel and Donnawetter are digitized and can be viewed. The holdings of our archive are largely indexed in the FAUST database, which can be searched on site. Some of the archive holdings are also accessible via the META-Katalog of our roof association also searchable online and part of the Digitalen Deutschen Frauenarchivs. Our BIOGRAFIA database also collects biographical data on women who have worked and/or lived in the Saarland. The gray literature we collect includes documentation from local and state governments, political parties and trade unions.

Frauengenderarchiv Saar
Frauengenderarchiv Saar

The archive is an integrative part of the FrauenGenderBibliothek Saar, which works at the intersection of academic women's and gender research and feminist and women's political practice. As a public specialized library, it has more than 15,000 books and journals whose topics range from the international women's movement to gender-oriented labor market research, migration, militarism and gender history. In addition to relevant monographs and collected works, there are reference works, statistics, audio and visual documents, journals and press files. International fiction includes (mostly translated) novels, stories, and poetry by renowned women writers from around the world.

The holdings of the Women's Gender Library - Women's Archive Saar in Archivportal-D.


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