Virtual exhibitions in the DDB

By Archivportal-D

There are new exciting virtual exhibitions by archives to be discovered online. Using DDBStudio, the participating archives have created exhibitions presenting part of their unique holdings for you to enjoy while on the road, at home or meeting with friends. Come take a peek!

If you work in a cultural institution and would like to curate a virtual exhibition yourself, you can find more information at DDBpro.


Cologne through the lense. Glass negatives from 1875-1960 from the collections of Rhenish Picture Archive Cologne

A virtual exhibition of Historical Archives and Rhenish Picture Archive Cologne

In the exhibition, Rhenish Picture Archive Cologne invites you to take a journey through Cologne through historical photographs. The fascinating works of Cologne photographers – and one female photographer – such as Anselm Schmitz, Theodor Creifelds, Werner Mantz, August Kreyenkamp, August Sander, Hugo and Karl Hugo Schmölz, Margarita Neiteler and many more show the transformation of the city through the early days, modernity and the effects of the Second World War.

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View from the Hindenburg Bridge on the Cologne Rhine panorama (anonymous), circa 1925
Rhenish Picture Archive Cologne (rba_042737) - View from the Hindenburg Bridge on the Cologne Rhine panorama (anonymous), circa 1925 |

"A time out of joint". The year of crisis 1923

A joint virtual exhibition of the German Digital Library and the Federal Archives with the support of the German Historical Museum Foundation.

"The time is completely out of joint. Everyone feels something threatening close by, no one knows what will happen." This is how the novelist Victor Klemperer describes the situation in Germany in 1923. A year in which the devaluation of money in Germany reached dizzying proportions, the political system was on the verge of collapse, right-wing and left-wing extremists stormed the Republic, and separatist efforts in the Rhineland threatened the survival of the Reich. In the autumn of 1923, the country was literally on the precipice.

To commemorate this year's events a hundred years ago, the virtual exhibition traces the developments that made 1923 the "year of crisis" for the young Weimar Republic. The exhibition was realised by the German Digital Library in cooperation with the Federal Archives and with the support of the German Historical Museum.

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What gift to give a chancellor?

A virtual exhibition of Stiftung Bundeskanzler-Adenauer-Haus

This exhibition presents a cross-section of the gifts given to Konrad Adenauer. It was not only trips abroad and state receptions that gave rise to gifts. Political Bonn stood still when the Federal Chancellor celebrated his birthday. These “major events” – sometimes lasting several days – were attended not only by the family, but also by a large number of international guests from the fields of politics, business and the Church. Of course, the “birthday child” was given plenty of precious and original gifts.

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Egypt through the eyes of Ahmed Fakhry

A virtual exhibition of the German Archaeological Institute, Archive of the Cairo Department

The exhibition of the German Archaeological Institute Cairo in June 2023, combined with a workshop, was dedicated to Ahmed Fakhry. His scholarly legacy in the DAIK archives testifies to his far-reaching interest in Egypt beyond archaeology. As a result, the exhibition focused less on his academic achievements, but rather on the essential stages of his life - but above all Egypt through the eyes (and camera, notes and sketches) of Ahmed Fakhry.

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50 years Integrationsrat Nürnberg. 50 years of participation of people with a history of immigration

A virtual exhibition of Nuremberg City Archives, Integrationsrat Nürnberg and Diversity Media e. V.

In the 1970s, German politics and society reached the understanding that the foreign population also had legitimate political interests and wished to have a say when their concerns were affected! In Nuremberg, the Foreigners' Advisory Council was created for this purpose in 1973. But the first years of the democratically elected body were not without difficulties and obstacles.

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