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Data-partner archives are welcome to embed the Archivportal-D logo on their website:

Archivportal-D Logo (19.11 KB)

Ressources for data-partner archives

Presentation "Image rights for archives in Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek and Archivportal-D":


Online collections

Data-partner archives can present their descriptive information and digitized material in Archivportal-D online collections. This has many advantages for the participating archives:

Users receive a low-threshold entry into the search for archival material and completely new user groups are won over for working with archival material. Through subject classification, the archival material of one's own institution can be presented as thematically relevant - even if the holdings were not the original focus of the researcher. In this way, archival "treasures" that have received little attention up to now, as well as smaller and regional archives, are brought into focus.

Adding archival material to online collections

To add archival material to an online collection, the archival material needs to be linked to keywords from the specific collection. You can find out more about this as well as tips and tricks on keywording for archives using the example of our online collection "Weimar Republic" here:

Assistance for building your own online collection

You would like to build your own online collection? Are you interested in the structure of systematics, the creation of categories and controlled vocabularies? In our guideline, we offer an overview of design options that have proven successful in setting up the "Weimar Republic" online collection and provide tips and tricks for the front end and possible public relations strategies:


Project documentation and reports

DFG project "Thematic Access" and online collection "Weimar Republic"

The online collection "Weimar Republic" was developed within the framework of a DFG project on the design of thematic accesses in Archivportal-D. Within the framework of this project, an infrastructure and digital tools are being developed that can be used for portals on various topics. In two workshops, the results of the project work on the systematics and the keyword tool - currently in the development process - were discussed with the expert public.

Interim report:


Workshop materials and presentations:


DFG project "Building an Archivportal-D"

Archivportal-D has been realized in the context of a DFG project. Within the framework of a sub-project, the person pages in Archivportal-D were created and selected holdings were enriched with person norm data. The documentation of the results can be found here:

Dokumentation zur Normdatenanreicherung (Zip file)