Online collection Wiedergutmachung for
National Socialist Injustice



The social media campaign #ZumFeindGemacht focuses on the highly diverse variety of victims of National Socialist persecution. There were people persecuted because of their sexual orientation or because of mental illnesses, because they had the "wrong" skin color, because they did not want to give up their political convictions, or simply because they spoke their mind in the wrong place at the wrong time.

#ZumFeindGemacht vividly recounts the biographies of selected victims on its Website and on the social media channels InstagramTikTokFacebookYouTube und Threads. It also provides information on the historic background and invites its audience to participate. With this low-threshold campaign, #ZumFeindGemacht reached over 80,000 followers in March 2024. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Finance. 

The Bundesverband Information & Beratung für NS-Verfolgte e. V. initiated the project #ZumFeindGemacht in the 30th year of its existence that coincided with the commemorative year of Wiedergutmachung in 2022. The commemorative year celebrated two path-breaking post-war events: the 70th anniversary of the Luxembourg Agreement, the first Wiedergutmachung agreement with the State of Israel; and the 30th anniversary of the “Article 2 Fund”, which granted compensation payments to Jewish survivors from Eastern Europe for the first time. Since February 2024, the “Online Collection Wiedergutmachung for National Socialist Injustice” has included information on #ZumFeindGemacht.

The Bundesverband Information & Beratung für NS-Verfolgte e. V. has its roots in a counselling office for survivors of National Socialist persecution, which provided information about existing options for compensation and supported victims in complicated Wiedergutmachung procedures. The Bundesverband has been a registered association since 1992. 

In the following years, the association has often been successful in their effort to assist victims of National Socialist persecution. It effectively pressed for the establishment of a hardship fund in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as of a transfer office giving advice in cases of compensation and assistance for elderly victims. 

Right from the beginning, the association also stood up for those who had previously been denied recognition as victims of National Socialist persecution. This group of victims particularly included victims of the National Socialist military judiciary and forced laborers. The Bundesverband fought for their recognition until the turn of the millennium. 

Up until today, the Bundesverband advises all victims of National Socialist persecution in questions of compensation and provides support in matters of social law. It also assists to research the fate of missing relatives and offers counseling for descendants of the persecuted. (Website, Phone: +49 (0)221 17 92 94 0, E-Mail: info [at] (info[at]nsberatung[dot]de))