Dossier „Weimar Republic“ in the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek

By Archivportal-D

With a new dossier "Weimar Republic", the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek offers interesting perspectives on this important era of German history. From the crisis year of 1923 - one hundred years ago - to party and club culture, you will find many aspects of this eventful time period covered in virtual exhibitions, texts, games and more.

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Screenshot of the Weimar Republic dossier. Above, a detail from the painting „Die Bardame“ by Josepf Fennecker: a blonde woman with a veil and red earrings. Below a brief explanation of the contents of the dossier. Below that, previews of the contents of the topic dossier arranged in a tile pattern.
Screenshot of the dossier: Discover a variety of content with different angles on the historical epoch.

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You will find many more original sources and an extensive research options for archival material on the Weimar Republic in our online collection "Weimar Republic" right here in Archivportal-D.

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